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Artist description

The roots of the quintet date to 1987; however, Bernd Kurtzke (guitar) is the only original band member still with the Beatsteaks. Peter Baumann (also guitar) was the first newcomer.

The combo spent years in a dark basement - only with Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß' addition in 1994 did the Beatsteaks get to see the dazzling stage light. They played their first gig at a graduation party in Berlin-Lichtenberg in 1995. In 1998, the homeless Swadian drummer Thomas Götz joined the band. A year later, Torsten Scholz quit his conventional job (electrician) and took up the Beatsteaks' bass instead. The rest is history: by now, the Beatsteaks know the backstage areas of all the big and small European festivals like the back of their hands, and their reputation for one-of-a-kind live events precedes them.